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Summer Camps

Why camp?

Summer is a time for family and playtime.  It can also be a time to make some of the best music of your life!

During the school year, we have a full plate (or 2 or 3) of responsibilities: homework, extracurriculars, and classes.  

Over the summer, we have the incredible opportunity to spend much longer on an aspect of music!  Whether you sing or play, the Zeitgeist summer programs are guaranteed to advance your musicianship at least 6 a matter of days!

Summer choir

For high-school singers, summer choir will give you that deep dive into singing that you love!  From master classes to group lessons to incredible, inspiring rehearsals, we'll put together a show you'll never forget.

Rock band camp

For ages 5-12, learn every aspect of being in a rock band!  In addition to learning covers, you'll write songs together, rehearse, and perform.   It's the experience of a lifetime! 


Adult camp

Why should the kids have all the fun? Just because we don't have summers off (well, most of us!) doesn't mean we have to stop making incredible connections and using summer to its ultimate potential.

This idea is in its infancy, and will be built together.  If you're interested in being involved, let us know!

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