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Music for kids

We do things differently around here...

When you ask adults who used to play an instrument why they stopped, you usually find one of 2 reasons:

1) They hated lessons (which means they didn't find the music they were learning relevant)

2) They hated recitals (which means they didn't find venues they were exposed to relevant)

We want your child's love of music to continue their whole lives!  


When we looked at the classic model for lessons, we realized it just wasn't serving kids to the greatest musical possibility.


Studying music creates a better world

Learning an instrument is one of th best things a child can do!  It helps every other area of their development, including:

  • Focus and attention span

  • Attention to detail

  • Listening skills

  • Following directions

  • Independence and ownership over progress

  • Healthy self-esteem

  • Social interactions

  • Healthy emotional outlets

  • Confidence sharing your work in public settings

  • ...and so much more!

Lessons are 30 minute, private weekly sessions


We think outside the recital box

Yes, we do recitals.

But oh, we do so much more.

Each child has 2 opportunities each year to showcase their study with others. This could be a recital, jam session, public show or more.  We want your child to be confident in all musical spaces they might encounter throughout their lives.

Recitals serve a very specific musical track--and it works very well for those individuals who dive into serious musical study.

But we don't want to leave behind the kid who isn't going to major in music.  The kid who is more likely to walk into a friend's house and find them playing top 10 on guitars.  The kid who decides bluegrass or jazz or rock is really cool.

We want to make sure your child feels comfortable contributing to any musical situation they encounter!

And we don't want them to abandon music in the future because they were only shown one path.

Group classes

Learning together, learning better.

We believe that music is meant to be shared.

We want your child to not only have a community, but to learn how to collaborate.

Each year we offer 2 special group classes. 


One of them teaches a musical skill like performance technique, rhythm games, playing with others, emotional phrasing, and more.


The other is a workshop to expand their boundaries!  DJing, making music videos, being a pop star, and more.

They be able to meet new friends, make music, and learn new skills, all while sharing the joy of music!

Sometimes these events will be kids-only.  But sometimes we allow the adults to come play too.  It's important for kids to see that they can make music their whole lives!


By now I'm sure you want the nuts and bolts, so here we go!

  • Weekly, private, 30-minute lessons with a Zeitgeist instructor

  • 2 performance-type opportunities annually

  • One skills class to enhance musical prowess

  • One workshop to expand musical comfort zones




One annual payment of $1650!


Family rates available.

Join the family!

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