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A Zeitgeist Academy Update

Hello Zeitgeist supporters! We've weathered quite the storm these last few years. After some time off, some soul-searching, and quite a lot of behind-the-scenes creativity, I'm so happy to announce a new direction for the Zeitgeist Academy!

1. We've transitioned to FULLY online. Since 2020 the digital world has transformed our entire culture, and access and acceptance of digital resources is unparalleled. For the foreseeable future, all classes and programs will be online. This provides far greater access to the content and programs I create, and will help me serve many more people and build relationships across the world!

2. My product offerings have changed. I am now focused on creating online courses that can bring music into people's lives on their own schedule. My first product, Discover Your Voice, is live and available for purchase! More about this in a future post.

3. You'll be seeing a lot more collaborations and online workshops. Make sure you've liked the page so you can stay current on upcoming resources, most of which will be completely free of charge!

4. Newsletters are back! I'm going to resume sending regular cool newsletters, but they'll have a bit of a facelift! Click below to check them out.

5. Lots more content. Overall I'm going to focus on providing a lot more value to all of you, from this blog to my Facebook page and in the other content I create. I'm also going to work on being a lot more interactive with the community. If this sounds like your jam, be sure to like the page and subscribe to my newsletter!

I can't thank all of you enough for the support you've given me. I am hoping this new direction will serve you better, grow the number of people feeling confident in their musical journeys, and expose us all to new ways of making and thinking about music.

Thanks from the bottom of my heart,


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