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Join our team

We believe your music degree matters

We refuse to accept the rhetoric that studying music isn't economically viable.

Rather, music is one of the most economically reliable fields to pursue.

We have a diverse community of teachers who love what they do.

We are committed to helping our team shine in their fields of expertise as well as their instrument.

Music is crucial to a healthy society, and we celebrate those who follow the calling.

We care about your music

There is a burning need inside us, a passion.  To us, music is like air.  Maybe we tried other fields for a while, but we always come back to the music.

You understand that music makes the world better.  You're committed to doing everything you can to bring it to the community.  It's as much a piece of you as your nose.

Maybe you majored in an instrument, and performance is your passion.  

Maybe your calling was theory, or musicology...or jazz, composition, conducting, or history.  

However specialized your field, there is a place for you here.

...and where we're going

Where we are

Right now, we are small.  

Right now, there are 5 of us in Portland, OR.

Right now...we'd love to meet you, but we can't guarantee you students or opportunities.

However, we'd love to get acquainted!  Especially if you have a skill beyond teaching an instrument, we're interested in exploring what we can do together.


Because there is never a shortage of the need for musical education.  You never know who you might touch!


What we need

The Zeitgeist Academy currently has opportunities for the following professionals:

  • Flute instructor

  • DJ

  • Conductor: vocal

Note: we are not currently able to provide full-time employment

Consider this our informal job postings board.  We have no urgency for these positions, but are ready to jump if you land in our lap!

And if you have a vision you'd like to explore, reach out!  

In a nutshell

How We Work

The Zeitgeist Academy is the mother organization, dedicated to providing quality and diverse musical education to our communities.  

Members of the community receive many benefits, including lessons, workshops, group sessions, jams, cultural classes, and more

As a teacher, we pay you a flat rate of $50/hr for ANY work that you do: teaching, leading a class or workshop, etc.

We know that's above industry, and it breaks our heart, because you're worth it.  In fact, you're probably worth more, but that's what we can viably give you right now.

Positions with us are on a contracted, 1099 basis.  We don't control how you operate.  Use any teaching method you like.  Set any hours you wish.  We know you know what you're doing.  Most of us have been playing since we were very young, and we know what works for us.

Here's what we need from you: 

  • Be passionate about music and the change it can bring to people

  • Celebrate each individual's story, regardless of where they are on their musical journey.  We work with a lot of extreme amateurs who need a safe space to fumble around with pitch or rhythm.

  • Support and promote Zeitgeist programs and keep the Zeitgeist community strong, even if you teach elsewhere

  • Approach every client with positivity and encouragement

  • Share basic music theory with every student

  • Stay in full communication with the Zeitgeist office about hours, concerns, or issues that might affect your students

  • Be willing to lead group classes or workshops

  • Be professional in all interactions with every student.  

If you have questions, we'd love to answer.

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